About Sakthi Swamiji

Humble beginnings - Sriom Ravi Narayanan

With the Divine grace of almighty, a couple in Hindu, Vaishnava, Brahmin family gave birth to their second son. The aura of their child was equal to the aura of the sun. Hence they named him Ravi.
From the early age of 8, he often went into trance and those close to him did not understand what was happening. Ravi was disciplined, well mannered and excelled in his education. He graduated with a degree in BCom. At the age of 20 Ravi got the Dharshan of Sriom Adisakthi Devi’s Lotus feet. By this Dharshan Ravi started doing more Dhyaan on the Lotus feet. After he got the dharshan of Devi, he heard Devi’s voice. He realized this was the voice of Sriom Jagadhadri Devi, whom he took up as his guru. It was she who guided and provided messages to show the divine path to Ravi. Ravi decided to follow his Guru’s voice in which she ordered him to leave the house and begin Tapas. As he left home, she gave him the name Sriom Sakthi Swamiji.

The First tapas - Water

Following his Guru’s orders, Sakthi Swamiji started travelling to the river Ganges during the biting cold season of winter. His Guru ordered him to strictly eat only by begging, for three days. Unfortunately Swamji was unable to get food for the first two days. On the third day, a stranger gave him a sweet which he was grateful to his Guru. The voice of his Guru then told him to proceed to Triveni Sangam, Allahabad. He then began his tapas in the holy waters once he reached his destination. At the conclusion of the Tapas, he was to proceed to Rameshwaram and get the Moola mantra from his Guru, Sriom Jagadhadri Devi.

The Second tapas - Land (Bhoomi)

After getting the Moola Mantra, Swamiji was ordered to proceed to the ancient place of Mookambika (Kodashadri hills) to reach chitramoola for tapas. Swamiji performed penance in the forest, at which a raging fireball appeared before him. He screamed “mother”. Devi showed her full form for the first time and told him that he is her son. Swamiji accepted her as his mother and she gave him the name Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal. The divine mother, who he understood as Sriom Adisakthi Devi, gave him the Dharshan of Panchasakthi - Lakshmi, Kali, Durga, Gayathri and Lalitha. These represent the five elements - Earth, fire, water, air and ozone. Devi granted him two wishes. One, he would see her in the same form any time he wishes. Two, anyone else who wishes to see her in the same form can do so on the last day of Chitra Poornima.

The Third tapas - Fire (Agni)

Swamiji performed Agni penance (meditating sitting amidst of blazing fire) at Kathri Hills near Salem (Mettur) in Tami Nadu in 1998. Without making any public announcements or propaganda, Swamiji completed the penance nicely true to the proverb “a full vessel makes no noise”. Swamiji got a transformation at the completion of the Agni Tapas. The Vedas says that one becomes the deity to which one prays “Aham Bhramashmin”. He realised this and his soul had completely enlightened as Devi. He changed his mannerisms by adopting the feminine form and had been named as Sriom Swarna Kamala Lakshmi.


In 2008, he then got married to Lord Maha Vishnu. Jeevathma merges with Paramathma, to reach Parabrahmam. After the marriage, devotees affectionately refer to our Swamiji as Devima.
This is for all of us to understand the process of his life history. Devotees take him as a mother and also as a supreme power. His existence is to show the path to divinity through serving mankind.