Swamiji’s 18 Rules

  1. Love all living beings
  2. Always think of God
  3. Give respect to elders. Elders should be considerate
  4. Always lead a simple life. Teach the same to your children
  5. Do pray and meditate both morning and evening
  6. Neither your words nor your deeds should harm others
  7. Destroy anger before it destroys you. Anger is self-destructive
  8. Your food is vegetables, not animals. Stop eating meat immediately. God is there in animals too, hence it is a sin to kill animals
  9. Spend your time knowing about Gods and Saints. Do not spend time unnecessarily
  10. Do not over-eat or over-sleep
  11. Practice silence for at least an hour daily. This is good for both mind and body
  12. Fast at least a day a month and be cheerful and normal as usual
  13. Shed tears for seeing God only
  14. Feed the poor daily. Donate clothes and books to the needy
  15. Move with those who believe in God and respect Gurus
  16. Be a good host and feed your guests
  17. Do not gossip about others. Think and talk about God only
  18. Detach yourself from worldly things and attach yourself to God alone.