Christchurch 2019 – Speech on Bhakthi by Devima in Tamil

Christchurch June 30th 2019 – Speech on Bhakthi by Devima in Tamil


What is the topic today? What did my mother give? Humanity leads to divnity.

First be a human being, then comes bhakthi. If your not first going to be a human being, then your not fit to be a bhakta.

Today my mother asked to provide two topics today

  1. Bhakthi – be a human being first
  2. Attachment – and leaving it

We see a lot in the name of religion in todays world. Lot of things link back to religion like politics, even though there is no link. Very distant topics somehow come back to religion. Infact the topic of religion doesn’t even exist in many places, yet we bring that out. That mistake is all in our hands. We are doing the mistake there. Why are we doing this mistake? Have we been walking the wrong path? Or have we been taught the wrong thing? Where are we going so wrong? Maybe we are misunderstanding the topic. We tend to think a lot and think a lot and somewhat feel what we are thinking is correct based on the knowledge that we have. When you consider this, all humans tend to always think what they are doing is the right think and they are never in the wrong. Hence, our number one enemy is our mind. What ever we  do or say, it will tell us that what the other person is doing is wrong. Our mind is supporting us and in the process is killing us. Our mind wavers a lot from minute to minute and move around to different situations. Yet, where we lack is how to handle the situation properly and adapt to it. We are unable to balance ourself. That is the fact.

So how do we balance ourselves?

So we need to first be a human being so we can learn about bhakthi? What is bhakthi? What we think is bhakthi is asking god for what we want, and if that happens, then that is bhakthi. Some of us have a habit, where we go and visit many temples. We always pray there and then the thought comes to us – “I praying so much to Ganapathi, yet he is not helping me? He seems to help the others, but not me? Why?”.

Then immediately someone else comes and tells us – “Rather than praying to Ganapathy, go and pray to Lord Murugan. He will surely help.”

We then take on that advice and think that we have nothing to lose so we may as well go and pray there. We have forgotten about Ganapathy and gone to Murugan. We lack the understanding that both the lords are the same. We think one lord is better than the other if we get what we want after praying towards a particular god. With this, we then preach to others about going and praying to the god that helped you since he has provided what you wanted. Then when the next person goes and finds that it doesn’t help them, they then move on to another deity.

This is how we continually waver and go in search for things? Why are we doing this? What exactly do we want and what are we trying to get from God? Every day we get up and we are asking God to help us do things for us. From the morning to night we are asking him to help us. Have we ever stopped and said what he has provided is more than enough for us?

We are just putting in application after application for God to help us. Once he helps us with one thing, we then provide the next application.

Take for example…

We have a small child at home. When the child asks occasionally – “mum can you buy this for me”, we do our best and get the child what he/she wants. Now if the child tends to continuously nag about things to buy, we immediately shut him/her up and say that we will only buy when we can and not to keep asking.

Now take this example in the context of God. God can simply respond in the same manner in the way we ask for things? He can say – “Ive given you everything you need. Be happy with what you have and don’t ask for more”. It is hard for us to accept the truth.

So coming back to the child scenario, as a parent we just tell the child – “here play with this for the time being. I will get you what you need later on”. Now this is exactly the same thing that God is doing to us. But unfortunately our mind is adamant it needs to get what we pray for and continuously ask for more.

So is this bhakthi? Do we have bhakthi?

If we look hard and deep. We do not have bhakthi. What we do have is that we have fear. We fear that something will happen to us and that perhaps god is there to help us out of trouble but, we do not have the bhakthi that we will always be taken care of. True bhakthi is when we go about our day to day tasks and do not ask anything from God.

To be Continued – 11. 26