Sriom Devi Dwaraka (Sri Om Inc NZ)

Sri Om Inc NZ

Sri Om Inc. is an NZ registered charitable organisation formed, keeping in mind, the words of President, Jagatguru, Sri Om Adisakthiyendra Swamiji, ?Humanity leads Divinity?. This was formed in July 2006 to provide social service to mankind.

Sriomdevi Temple NZ

Sriom Devi Temple in NZ will be in the unique shape of a lotus.

Sriom Devi is a new deity to this Earth. She took 18 births in different regions of this Earth. The significance of her birth represents bringing all cultures under one roof which envisions the motto "Humanity Leads Divinity". Without Humanity, there is no Divinity. Ultimately, the divine power takes an incarnation (avatar) to prove Humanity to attain Divinity. If an individual follows the right path of Humanity (manusasthra) he will attain Divinity (which in ancient Hindu Vedic scriptures is mentioned as Aham Brahmasmin). Using this ideology the founder of Sriom Devi Temple, Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal passed the idea for the construction of a Sriom Devi Temple in New Zealand.

The temple will be constructed to circulate energy and release it into the Earth for peace, prosperity, welfare of all living beings and to deflect any evil and negative forces.

Pooja's offered at Sriomdevi Dwaraka