In this issue, we publish the answers to the last Satsangh question sent by a few readers. We thank the readers for participation. We would publish Devima’s answer in our next issue.

SS25: Is our birth important to this world?

Everyone’s birth, and for a matter of fact, the birth of every living being is important to this world. It has been said in our scriptures that our birth and outcomes are planned long before we know it. They are written and we merely follow according to that script.

Whilst the question as easy as a yes or no, we need to dig a bit deeper and understand exactly HOW do we know if our birth is important? The questions is somewhat a bit more difficult to answer because we do not even know if we will wake up out of bed the next day, so how is it that we determine our importance to this world? When our mind starts to ponder such thoughts, it is when you need to go to your guru to help you understand. Your guru knows the reason for your birth and there was a reason you birth ended up as his/her disciple. When the script is played out, over a period, you will surely come to understand through your Guru as to what role you play in this world.

Some, who are fortunate enough to have a Jagadh Guru in their lifetime, may get much more answers than the questions they had. Many of us readers have been fortunate enough to be with Mahan Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal and now with our Devima. Whether we take Swamiji or Devima as our Guru, many of us are going through and we are slowly learning about our birth and our connection with them. As our soul satisfies its happiness by being with a realised soul, it learns, and over a period will come to a full understanding of the birth we have taken. It is however important to note that one’s birth and its importance may not be realised in the current birth, but definitely it was important for the rebirth and eventually an understanding of why each and every single one of our birth’s had taken place.

Today as we spend time to understand about our Devima, we have come to know about 18 avatars of Sriom Devi. We understand each and every one of those avatars and the importance they have played in this world. Of course, the impact of those births may be much more significant than the common being, but that is not to say that our births are not important. We are seeing a real-life example through a realised soul and the answer to the question of the importance of every birth in this world. We try to understand and give significance to the various births of our Sriom Devi and now finally the role of our Devima today after those previous 17 births.

Srini Vasudevan, Sydney, Auckland

Sri Om

Human Birth is precious for a man to make spiritual progress to reach God and also help others to do so.

V K Bhasin, New Delhi, India