Sriom Jagadhadri Temple Construction Beginning


With the blessings of Sriom Adisakthi Devi, Sriom Jagadadhri Devi, Sriom Devi and Jagadhguru Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal, we are pleased to announce the start of construction of Sriom Jagadadhri Devi temple at Yemcha Village, Telengana, India. April 6th 2018 will be remembered for years to come as the day when the markings for the temple area was officially laid out.

Our very own Devima has visioned this temple to be something spectacular and has put many years of thought to ensure her mother’s name is vibrated throughout the world for generations to come. Under her guidance every step of the way, we are extremely privileged to live and witness this exciting phase.

Once complete, the temple will shed light on the origins of Sriom Jagadadhri devi and tell us in details about the purpose of her existence, explain the divine powers of Sriom Adisakthi Devi and also about her very own daughter, Sri Om Devi.

As with all of the temples by Sriom Adisakthi Ashram and Pancha sakthi peetam trust, our Sriom Jagadadhri temple will continue striving under our Guru’s motto of Humanity Leads to Divinity, Divinity leads to Unity. Essential services for the locals will be provided and give support for the under privileged to ensure they are cared for.

At this early stage, we encourage devotees to contribute financially for the constuction of the temple. Your contributions can go a long way to help in making our Devima’s vision a reality. If you would like to contribute, you can reach us at the contact page or email Srini at