Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal

Younger Days

With the Divine grace of almighty, Gopalan Sakuntala gave birth to their second child, Suresh Babu on 12th June 1968. His father was an advent devotee of Guru Nanak and his mother believed in humanity.
Brought up in Kanchipuram, South India, he was very well educated and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree. Spirituality was secondary to him whereas respecting and caring of family and friends were priority. In his late teens and early twenties, he went through a tough period with his health. Severe headaches were common and had seen numerous doctors and Gurus for a cure without success.

Meet with Sakthi Swamiji

In 1991, Suresh’s father asked him to see Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal, who had just come to establish an Ashram at the nearby village, Avalur. At first sight of Sakthi Swamiji, Suresh had an affection that he had never had felt previously with other Swamiji's or Guru's. There was an attraction factor pulling him towards the Swamiji and his headaches were non existent during his stays which he could not explain



Start of a New Journey

During his visits he began to learn about Gurus in a whole new way that he had never learnt before. He was beginning to realise he was gaining more wisdom in spending time with Swamiji than the books he read about saints and Gurus. Suresh realised he would now want to devote his life to Sakthi Swamiji and spend the rest of his life serving him. With the permission of his parents, Suresh took Sanyasam on Guru Poornima in July 1992 where it was the start of new life and he was given the name
Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal.

Chinna swamiji or small Swamiji as he was named by the Ashram disciples, followed his Guru at every step and preached to the world the mantra that Guru is everything and there is nothing other than Guru

Sriom Guruve Sarva Lokanaam,

Sriom Guruve Sarva Devatha,

Sriom Guruve Namosthuthe


Preach Guru's Lessons

Chinna Swamiji wanted to show people the divine power of his Guru and bring out to the world, the true soul - Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal. After Sakthi Swamiji would go into trance, he would come out several hours later where the body would become extremely weak. Chinna Swamiji would wait to feed him and take utmost care of the body. His love and affection towards this soul was so high that his Guru had referred to Chinna Swamiji by a pet name - “Ammu mother”.

As an observer of his Guru’s pujas and procedures, Chinna Swamiji would analyse the inner meaning of what he had just witnessed and would provide a practical explanation to the world in a way it is easy to understand. Following the principles set by his Guru that Humanity leads to divinity, Chinna Swamiji established the Sriom Adisakthiyendra Swamigal Trust in India, to help the needy and give a new life to the underprivileged. The journey continued outside of India, where Chinna Swamiji carried out service abroad. In Australia, he established Sri Om Foundation, an organisation to look after the elderly population.

He assisted in the formation of Sriom Inc. in New Zealand – an organisation to support Autistic children. After 18 years of Sanyasam, Chinna Swamiji was officially given the title by the divine mother as Mahan Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal