A helping hand from above at Sriom Devi Brindhavan


As we move to 18 months since the opening of Sriom Devi Brindhavan, it has been a busy time for all. With our activities picking up and the presence of our beloved Sriom Gnanasakthiyendra Swamigal stationed at Brindhavan, there has been an every growing need to develop the area and maintain the 5 acre property. The devotees have worked hard over these last 18 months but have always needed the additional hand or two for various labour intensive jobs on the property.

As always, when we least expect, our devine mother provides a path and helps by sending the message to the right people to help where it is needed. On 5th May, we were very fortunate to get the help of John, Bruce, Broden and Olivia to fix up our Havan shed and prepare our garden. The volunteers devoted their day to ensure the large openings in the shed were enclosed to get it ready for winter and also prepare garden compost and mulching stations for landscaping needs.

Whether one is a believer in miracles or not, as many of our devotees have noticed, our devine mother always makes a way for us and provides us with what we need. We had trailer load of free garden mulch provided for the community on the main road leading to Brindhavan. Our volunteers made sure to pick it up and unload it next to the compost station at Brindhavan for future needs.

As per our Swamiji’s 16th rule – “Be a good host, and feed your guests”, a great lunch was prepared by our sishyas and shared with the volunteers who enjoyed it thoroughly. All in all, it was a satisfying experience and a great day at Brindhavan.

If anyone else would like to volunteer at Sriom Devi Brindhavan, they can contact Srini on +61 402 562 157 or srini@sriomadisakthi.org.