Durga Sagar Havan

History has it that, Sri Om Devi, had been brought to this world, as an almighty powerful sage Durga Sagar, in one of her 18 avatars. From the West Bengal area, Durga Sagar researched Mantras, Yantras and Thantras to get rid of evil and do good for the people. He worshipped the almighty devi – Sriom Badra Kali, to provide him the strength and courage to destroy the evil and the negative vibes in the community to ensure a peaceful and vibrant environment.

His teachings and processes have been passed on through the generations and now explained by our Guru – Sriom Adisakthieyendra Swamigal, to ensure the traditions are carried forward for generations to come.

At the core of his teachings, is the all powerful Durga Sagar Homam (Havan), which carries significant benefits to attendees and those who we pray for. The havan is conducted once a month, on Ammavaasai (no moon night), after 8:30 PM. The attendees of the havan go through fasting procedures and other rituals to ensure the full effect of the havan is obtained for those who need it most.

There has been numerous instances of devotees getting peace from evil, having their personal issues resolved and health being restored through the worshipping of Durga Sagar during the period of the Havan. At the completion of the Havan, sacred items are provided to those who we pray for and carry significant benefits to ensure their wellbeing.

Currently, the havans are conducted in India, Australia and New Zealand. If you would like to learn more or have the havan conducted for you or your family, we would request you to contact us at any of the below addresses.

Click here to download the details and procedures of the havan

RegionContact PersonEmailHavan Sponsorship Cost
IndiaSriom Shyaamsriom.shyaam@gmail.com500 INR
AustraliaSriom Srinisrini@sriomadisakthi.orgAUD $75
New ZealandSriom Rukeshrukesh@sriomadisakthi.orgNZD $75
US, Canada and otherSriom Ramarama@sriomadisakthi.orgUSD $50

It is recommended that those who wish to have the havan conducted for themselves to be present at the havan, however it is not mandatory. Sacred items and procedures will be distributed at the completion of the havan to you.