Navagraha Pooja

The Navgraha Shanti Homam is a special homam that is done to provide protection from any adverse effects from the Navgrahas ('Nine planets'). Sriom Devi has been bestowed with the power over the Navgrahas, and thus worshiping her will enable Navgrahas to remain balanced and not cause any disruptions in one's life. The 18 avatars of Sriom Devi have been distributed to the Navgrahas according to their specific qualities and character. This homam is often done at the start of a major event (e.g., a house construction) to bless the area and for prosperity and success. Currently, Navgraha homam is being conducted on the second Sunday of each month. Sponsors are welcome, and the homam will be conducted with their names in the opening prayers.

For more details contact

RegionContact PersonEmailHavan Sponsorship Cost
IndiaSriom Shyaamsriom.shyaam@gmail.com500 INR
AustraliaSriom Srinisrini@sriomadisakthi.orgAUD $75
New ZealandSriom Rukeshrukesh@sriomadisakthi.orgNZD $75
US, Canada and otherSriom Ramarama@sriomadisakthi.orgUSD $50



If you would like us to perform the havan and puja at our place, Contact us to book in a Navagraha pooja.