Sriom Adisakthi Chitrapoornima Function 2020

Message from Devima

Sriom to All

As you may all know, the biggest event in our Ashram calendar each year is the Chitrapoornima function which spans over 9 days. There is definitely some disappointment that will be felt that many are not able to attend and participate in the festival due to the present situation. Whilst we may not have the function at the Ashram in the same manner as in previous years, our Sriom Jagadhadri Devi has given us the following procedures for this year which I hope will please our Sishyas. We are able to participate in our own premise and still get the full blessings of our Devi by the following the procedures.


Begin fasting from 3rd of May. Your food is Fruits and milk for three meals for the day. For those who are unable to do so, can take any form of millet, once a day. Avoid rice during your fasting period.

Lighting Of Lamp

From 3rd may, up to 11th May, ensure Agandha Dhiya (Aghadha Villakku) is lit throughout for all 24 hours of the day. On the 11th May, put out the lamp with a little bit of milk.

Puja Rituals

Do chant the Sriom Adisakthi Sahasranamam and Sriom Devi Mahatmium 3 times a day (Morning, afternoon and Evening). Do Aarthi for the Agandha Dhiya. For neivedhyam, offer what you are eating.

Devi Dharshan

On the evening of the 10th May, cook a full meal for Sriom Adisakthi Devi. The Devi Dharshan time is 11.07 PM (IST). Offer her our cooked food. FInish of our fasting by eating the prasadam. If we follow all the instructions, we will get the blessings of Sriom Adisakthi Devi. Since this year is our Brahma year, we will pray through meditation. We do not have to worry that we are not at the Ashram.

For the benefit of all, this year there will be no crowed at our Ashram and we shall obey all the rules and regulations set out by the various authorities. Let us all pray for the world to get well soon.